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99.90 per Blade

industrial blades for table saws have a Supreme grade of carbide for cleaner, superior performance with European style tips for longer life.

Ask anyone who’s ever used a Tenryu blade & they’ll tell you: It’s the Cadillac of Saw Blades & among the best in the world!


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Tenryu Saw Blades

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  • 12” x 50 TEETH
  • 1” Arbor
  • ATAFR Grind
  • .118” Kerf
  • .087” Plate
  • Rake 20
  • Designed for ripping in wood with Straight Line Rip Saw.


For the finest saw blades in the world, such as these TENRYU STRAIGHT LINE RIPPING BLADES look no further than Tenryu, known around the globe as the premier manufacturer of quality saw blades. Thousands of satisfied customers attest to the reliable performance of TENRYU saw blades worldwide.

TENRYU makes over 3,000 different types of carbide blades for woodworking, metalworking, plastic cutting and machining other composite materials while at the same time blends high-tech scientific techniques with old-world craftsmanship to ensure that its saw blades are unsurpassed in design and workmanship.



  • TENRYU STRAIGHT LINE RIPPING BLADES have a select Grade of carbide tip for better performance.
  • With their large European style tips these blades will outperform any other blade on the market for a cleaner cut and longer life.
  • Their heavy, European plate style resists deflection during cutting for a much safer operation
  • The custom resin bond, laser slots are made to absorb and eliminate vibration to produce a cleaner, quieter, more efficient cut.
  • Excellent blade life ends up saving you a lot of money in the long run!
  • All of the Grind info and specs are located in the drop down box above
  • If you’re Straight line ripping then this is the blade you want. Try TENRYU and you will forever spurn the rest!
  • If you still have questions, here is a link directly to Tenryu
  • You can look up the info there or call us directly and toll free at 1-866-601-8105.
  • You can find the whole Tenryu line on our site here


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10'' x 30 Teeth BOX OF 10, 12'' x 36 Teeth BOX OF 5, 14'' x 40 Teeth BOX OF 5