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These are hands down the very best value in the industry. They last so long and cut so well that you can wear them all the way down to the core! 

You will not beat this blade in longevity, performance or price. No brag. Just fact!

  • Premium Grade
  • Laser Welded 10mm Turbo Segments with 12mm Undercut Segments
  • Ultra-fast and super-powerful cutting.
  • Supreme Bond and Diamond.
  • These same blades get bought in bulk, get re-branded by some of the biggest names in the industry, and get sold for as much as $259.00 online with absolutely ZERO COMPLAINTS at that price!!


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These CHEROKEE SUPREME TURBO SEG DIAMOND BLADES (AKA) CHEROKEE SKIP TOOTH DIAMOND BLADES were the most sought-after blades a few years back. However, due to the flood of cheap blades to the market, they were in hibernation. These Metal fanged monsters have been just waiting patiently  in the shadows. Now, awoken like hungry warriors, they are here and ready to slaughter the competition!

We sell a lot and have a lot of different styles, types, and qualities of diamond blades. However, if you’re looking for a really tough blade that just gets sharper and meaner the more it cuts then this is the blade! They are made with a soft bond for cutting hard materials. Moreover, they are cobalt welded with super GE abrasive diamonds. Thus they will gnaw thru stone, masonry, reinforced concrete, and any other hard materials. 

If you like our Cherokee Combo blade, you’ll love the ALL-CUT. Used on high speed, stationary, and low HP walk behind saws. They have 10mm Segments with a bond that will outlast any of the 15mm segmented blades on the market! You can search online for days or weeks to find a better and more economical blade and you WON’T!

Lastly, The thing about these blades is that they come from the same factory that all of the big name companies use to manufacture their diamond blades. The ONLY difference here is that you’re not paying the BIG NAME PRICE for the same blade! We stand behind these blades with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee but haven’t had to fulfill it yet!


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7'' X 5/8-7/8 ARBOR, 12'' X 20MM ARBOR, 12'' X 1'' ARBOR, 14'' X 20MM ARBOR, 14'' X 1'' ARBOR, 16'' X 1''- 20MM ARBOR, 18'' X 1'' ARBOR, 20'' X 1'' ARBOR, 24'' X 1'' ARBOR