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TENRYU MEL-PRO SERIES is The Ultimate Melamine and Veneer-Faced Plywood Cutting Blade. A world-class blade that delivers world-class performance!

Ask anyone who’s ever used a Tenryu blade & they’ll tell you: It’s the Cadillac of Saw Blades & among the best in the world!


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Tenryu Saw Blades

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The Ultimate Melamine and Veneer-Faced Plywood Cutting Blade

The TENRYU MEL-PRO HI-ATB is a complete line of blades that solve problems associated with cutting melamine and other laminated wood products. Additionally, veneer-faced plywood can be cut without splintering at more reasonable feed speeds than in the past.


  • Specially developed, top-grade, super fine grain carbide tip.
  • NEW: Additional, “resin-filled, laser cut body slots” succeed in vibration dampening to an even greater extent
  • Exhaustive, hand-hammer plate tensioning assures truer and smoother cuts.
  • Longer Lasting than our competitor’s or our economy series.
  • Hi-ATB design with negative (-5) rake angle tooth geometry – NO TEAR OUT!
  • TENRYU MEL-PRO HI-ATB – Traditional full-kerf, “European Style” blade design
  • C-4 hardness, super fine grain, anti-corrosive carbide tips for the keenest edges and extended sharp life


FINER CUTS– Precision ground carbide teeth set on hand-tensioned tool steel bodies produce finer cuts without chipping and “bottom-side blowout”.

QUIETER– Patented resin bond-filled expansion slots effectively absorb vibration and reduce noise.

LONGER LIFE– High-grade, extra-hard, micro-grain, anti-corrosive carbide teeth fight both chemical and abrasive wear to remain sharp longer. There are a lot of blades on the market that can cut melamine but only one can really cut it chip free, quieter, easier and longer – the TENRYU MEL-PRO HI-ATB

Numerous requests for a better melamine blade prompted us to spend over a year of research and development to bring you the world’s most advanced melamine cutting blade. The Mel-Pro features a fully hardened, expertly tensioned tool steel body that absorbs impact, remains flat and true, and resists excess heat buildup.

The Mel-Pro’s exclusive, red bond, resin filled expansion slots absorb vibration, reduce heat and permit the blade to run quieter than any other brand. The thin-kerf, mirror-like grind on super hard, specially designed carbide tips allow for lighter cuts and reduce friction heat buildup. The bottom line is your bottom line will look better when you reduce scrap, reduce sharpening costs and reduce noise in your shop with Mel-Pro blades.

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