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TENRYU INDUSTRIAL BLADE SERIES FOR NON-FERROUS with Resin filled laser cut slots to reduce noise and reduce vibration & thin-kerf design for smooth cutting!

These are the best blades in the world with a specialty grind for cutting thin stock with a Miter, Double Miter or Radial arm saw!

Ask anyone who’s ever used a Tenryu blade & they’ll tell you: It’s the Cadillac of Saw Blades & among the best in the world!


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Tenryu Saw Blades

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For the finest saw blades in the world, such as the TENRYU Industrial Blade for NON-FERROUS THIN STOCK, look no further than Tenryu, known around the globe as the premier manufacturer of quality saw blades. Thousands of satisfied customers attest to the reliable performance of TENRYU saw blades worldwide.

TENRYU makes over 3,000 different types of carbide blades for woodworking, metalworking, plastic cutting and machining other composite materials while at the same time blends high-tech scientific techniques with old-world craftsmanship to ensure that its saw blades are unsurpassed in design and workmanship.


Specialty Grind for Thin Stock

IA Closeup   MTCG Grind. 

TENRYU Industrial Blade for NON-FERROUS THIN STOCK introduces an unique grind of non-ferrous cutting blade series for very thin stock, such as picture frame moulding, radiator fins or other thin-walled aluminum extruded materials.

The regular INDUSTRIAL SERIES for NON-FERROUS has the anti-noise and anti-vibration design. However, this specialty thin stock non-ferrous cutting blade series performs even quieter and with less vibration. There is almost no deformation of the material after cutting and much less high pitch noise during the cut.


  • If you’re cutting non-ferrous metal then this is the blade you want. Try TENRYU Industrial Blade for NON-FERROUS THIN STOCK and you will forever spurn the rest!
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10'' x 96 Teeth x 5/8'' Arbor, 300mm x 108 Teeth x 30mm Arbor, 12'' x 108 Teeth x 5/8'' Arbor, 12'' x 108 Teeth x 1'' Arbor