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Cutting hard porcelain tiles for a kitchen or bathroom job? The New Zenesis Nano Dry Blade features segments specially designed to disperse heat without needing water to cool off. 

They are not cheap but well worth every cent!

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We are extremely proud to announce the next generation ZENESIS NANO TILE/PORCELAIN BLADES. These are available in BOX quantities (listed in the check out) or in CASE quantities.

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Zenesis an industry titan in porcelain and tile blades has done extensive testing to come up with this revolutionary, supreme grade turbo thin mesh line. These new thin mesh ZENESIS NANO TILE/PORCELAIN BLADES come with a new matrix that allows the installer or contractor to cut hard materials or porcelain panels with an ease of operation that is unknown to most!

The Zenesis Nano Blade features segments especially designed to disperse heat without needing water to cool off. That means that you can use the heck out of it for extended periods of time dry or wet. It’s manufactured with a diamond matrix that can cut a wide variety of materials with ease!

ZENESIS NANO TILE/PORCELAIN BLADES are without a doubt expensive blades and we always approach that with a healthy degree of caution. However, after we visited the factory and saw the complete demo display as well as the manufacturing process we were sold immediately! We carry cheaper blades and they cut great but these are in a class by themselves!

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