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They leave clean and accurate holes in hard porcelain tile, glass tile, ceramic tile, marble, granite, slate, limestone, engineered stone, terrazzo, quartz and any similar material.  


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Blazer Diamond Hole Saws can be used with or without water and produce clean and accurate holes in minutes with little or no chipping! Use for drilling hard porcelain tile, ceramic tile, glass tile, marble, granite, limestone, engineered stone, terrazzo and any similar material. Side holes are used for cooling while the center bit can be adjusted in height or removed by loosening set screw. May be used for wet or dry drilling.

These diamond hole saws are PROFESSIONAL GRADE and perfect for making holes in sinks for water filters and installing bathroom fixtures. They will give you very clean FINISHED CUTS and accurate holes in minutes with little or no chipping! Just look at the picture – Very smooth finished edge: That’s exactly how they cut!

How to use:

Use with a carbide pilot bit in the center. Use the set screw on the side to adjust and remove the pilot bit. Adjust the bit to be slightly above the cutting rim. Once the hole is established you can remove the pilot bit. This will allow the diamond cutting rim to cut more efficiently. You can also use a piece of wood as a template and remove the pilot bit before starting the hole.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – All Delta Diamond Products, Inc Diamond Blades, Coring Bits, Hole Saws and Grinding Wheels include a lifetime warranty against warping, cracking, and material defects. If any diamond tool (being used under its intended use with at least 50% wear left) fails to cut or work properly, or if the bond between the diamond segment and the steel core becomes separated at any time, the diamond tool will be replaced.


  • Produce clean and accurate holes in minutes with no chipping!
  • Sizes 1/2″-7/8″ do not have a pilot (center) bit. We suggest using a piece of wood as a template.
  • Use with low speed drills or drill presses (500-2,500 RPM).

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