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TENRYU RAPID CUT SERIES are Individually hand-hammered, fully heat hardened steel plates for flat, true, wobble-free operation.



Tenryu Saw Blades

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TENRYU’S Premium Heavy Duty, Industrial, Multi-Purpose Blades!

We offer an entire line of industrial duty “work horse” blades and they cover the 10 to 16 inch diameter range. What’s more, these blades are all meant to be used on shop tools such as table saws. In addition, many models can be used on more specialized machinery with arbor hole adjustments. Lastly, each blade has a large carbide tip and following in the European tradition they can be resharpened up to 20 times. Ask anyone who’s ever used a Tenryu blade & they’ll tell you: It’s the Cadillac of Saw Blades & among the best in the world! Value is key here. These blades are priced very competitively. The small shop and corporate giant alike will appreciate getting quality industrial blades at an affordable price. We are proud to carry the entire Tenryu line. These blades aren’t cheap. However, they are ranked as being amongst the best in the world!


  • Laser Slots
  • Individually hand-hammered, and fully heat hardened steel plates for flat, true, wobble-free operation.
  • Aggressive grind angles for easy performance in heavy-duty jobs. Honing carried out at 400 grit to limit microchipping and produce a very keen edge.
  • Large, high-grade carbide tips selected for long life in woodworking applications.
  • Ample side clearance provides for air flow between carbide and workpiece – limits likelihood of burning even on heavy rips. This also prevents premature dulling.
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