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BOX PRICING (4 UNITS) $39.95 Per unit
TAVY TILE MALLET – Beat the air out of your tile with this new and improved Tile Mallet from Tavy Tools. Safe for beating all types of tile.

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The Tavy Tile Mallet is custom made for tile work! Moreover you can beat the air out of your tile with this new and improved Tile Mallet from Tavy Tools. What’s more, the lightweight, Two-Sided Mallet with its’ solid rubber head creates the proper amount of impact to seat the tile into thin-set without causing damage to the tile. It is safe for beating all types of tile.
Remove air from under tiles while you maximize mortar coverage under the tile to ensure the lifelong bond. Equally important, this mallet helps to ensure a level installation. It has a soft rubber head for lower impact. Also its’ angled mallet design allows for easy packing of tiles against spacers for perfect grout lines. Lastly it will give you more surface area for moving tiles side to side!
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SPC116F, SPC18F, SPC316F