Ideal for Period restorations, repairs, wrapping cabling and harnesses, and even playing stickball on Nagle Street. Anyplace you’d experience friction or rubbing.

Black cloth won’t stretch or sag with time. High-quality cotton lightly impregnated with rubber. Hand Tearable and very Conformable. The original electrical wrap, and still gets the job done.

So strong and durable it is commonly purchased as Hockey Stick tape. Equal in performance and quality to 3M Temflex 1755 that sells for a lot more!! Carton Sealing Tape - Merco M1519 - Full Case - 48mm x ...



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M807 CLOTH FRICTION ELECTRICAL TAPE is a  premium quality 8 Oz all cloth Electrical Tape.


M 807 is made from high quality, cotton cloth impregnated with a non-corrosive pure rubber-based compound adhesive.  It offers maximum elasticity for a cloth tape and good moisture resistance. Its cloth backing makes this tape easily hand tearable and very conformable  

APPLICATIONS: Ideal for insulation and to protect industrial harnesses and electrical wires from physical damage caused by friction, for over-wrapping low voltage splices, and for general electrical jobs.      

Aside from its original purpose as electrical insulating tape, a common use for friction tape is to wrap it around the blade of a hockey stick to improve puck control. Another use is to wrap it around the handle of a softball or baseball bat to provide a better grip. It is also useful as a base when wrapping a bicycle handlebar with handlebar tape.



  • Thickness:   15 mils
  • Adhesion:   14 lbs
  • Tensile:   42 lbs
  • Elongation:   8%
  • Dielectric Strength: 1200 V
  • Temperature Range:  n/a
  • Color:    Black 
  • Widths:   ¾”, 1, 1-1/2″  and 2″
  • Length:   66′ on 1 ½” core
  • Put-up: individually wrapped
  • M 807 is similar in specifications and performance to 3M and Temflex 1755, Plymouth 1002, 1004, 1006, Renfrew Hockey
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  • Check out what the 3/4” TEMFLEX goes for online!

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Tape Width

1 1/2'', 2'', 3/4''