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BOX PRICING (6) $19.95 Per unit.
The Double Box Mixing Paddle is 30” long and will fit any 3/8” or 1/2” drill allowing you to mix mortar while you stand up straight and save your back a lot of stress. It’s way cheaper than an electric mixer and worlds better than the old wheelbarrow & shovel method! 
A steel welded eggbeater for mortar!



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The Double Box Mixing Paddle is designed to minimize air entrapment. What’s more it has been made with high-quality welds for extreme durability. The long 30” hexagonal shaft allows the user to stand upright comfortably. Moreover, the Paddle diameter is 5” giving you just enough space for the perfect mix. Equally important, you can use these with on any drills with either a 1/2” or a 3/8” drill chuck. Lastly, you can use these for mixing materials such as Mortar, Tile Adhesive, Filling Compounds, Plaster and Screeds. 

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Designed to minimize air entrapment


High quality welds for extreme durability

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