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There are 4 basic grades of blades, Economy, Standard, Premium & Supreme.

These are the Supreme!!

”Patterned” Diamond placement on a 10 mm rim!

Not only do they cut razor-sharp, but they also stay razor-sharp longer than anything else out there. A very unique and highly engineered blade!


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Banshee Supreme Grade Tile & Porcelain blade


The Banshee Supreme Grade Tile & Porcelain blade cuts fast and clean and will continue doing so! If you look at a lot of the top-rated blades on the market you’ll start to see a decline in reviews over the past few years. They go from Superb to lousy. Have you ever wondered why?  A lot of companies started off by making a great blade and amass a loyal following but then decide to switch manufacturers and not tell anyone. The picture on the blade might be the same but sometimes that’s about all.

When we say this is a supreme tile blade, we mean exactly that!  You can see for yourself if you look at both pics. You’ll clearly see that the diamond bits are placed in a continuous pattern throughout the entire rim of the blade and with as much diamond as possible. This is done with a highly advanced computer digitized process that sorts and places them in a very distinct pattern.

This process is made to eliminate ”hot spots”.  What’s more, these HOT SPOTS greatly shorten the lifespan of blades with random placement of diamond bits. This results in less heating which means a lot longer life & a sharper cleaner cut!! The diamond bits are then laser welded to the blade. A premium quality metal adhesive is used so they stay firmly in place. Hence, they get sharper after each use. Try these blades for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!


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