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You ever heard anyone say, “well, it ain’t pretty but it’ll work”?

These are ugly as they come but they are without a doubt THE BEST ROOTER GLOVE EVER MADE!!

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$12.99 a pair  / Sold by the DZ ShuBee


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Sizes S-XXL


What Shubee PVC Ugly Gloves® lack in beauty they make up in toughness. Shubee PVC Ugly Gloves® is a jersey-lined, PVC chip-covered, rooter job’s dream glove! The PVC chips are perfect for handling that pipe snake without any friction burn or binding.  A plumber’s most valuable tools are their hands. Stop melting your fingers off with those outdated, metal-chipped, wannabe, Ugly Gloves® when you can strap on the real deal. They’re even available with a safety cuff. They’re ugly, but you can bet they’ll work as hard as you do.

ShuBee Ugly Gloves also feature a thick PVC-coated canvas outer shell designed for durability and dexterity with enough give to reduce hand fatigue. This rooter glove also has a jersey-lined interior for comfort and to keep hands dry while working. The glove’s waterproof outer shell is embedded with large PVC chips to help rooter cables twist easily through hands and not catch or snag while handling rooter cable during the job. The embedded PVC chips and outer coating also help minimize heat transfer during drain rooting and will not heat up as metal embedded gloves can. This rooter glove is available in bright yellow with black and white PVC chips embedded in the palms and fingers; with a safety cuff. 


  • Hard PVC embedded palms
  • Easy to see, bright yellow
  • Durable PVC coated canvas outer shell
  • Soft jersey-lined inside
  • with safety cuff
  • One size fits most
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