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If you’re looking for a really tough blade for cutting roof tile & limestone, these are what you want!!  This blade is a beast and made for fast-cutting! 

  • Premium grade
  • Sintered ”T”  Segments 
  • Fast and powerful cutting on Roof tiles & Limestone.
  • Used on angle-grinders & high-speed and stationary saws


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This PREMIUM GRADE T-SEG DIAMOND BLADE is a great blade for cutting roof tile and limestone. It’s a premium-grade sintered blade with undercut segments for abrasion resistance and protection against undercutting. These blades are great for Roof Tile and Limestone. They feature 10 mm ”T” shaped Segments. These blades are designed for professional level cutting of granite, stone and concrete.

However, they do very well in a wide multitude of materials such as brick, block, field stone, pavers, and stone. What’s more, Roofers love these blades because they zip through roof tiles! You can use these blades wet or dry on an any type of grinder. We are very proud to say that whatever your need, we have the blade. The only thing that we would encourage you to do is to have a really good look at the different ones we have on our site for your application. This will ensure that you receive the very best blade fit for you needs.

If you still have questions or are looking to buy these in bulk at a reduced price, call us at 1-866-601-8105. Lastly, These blades come from the same factory that a lot of the big name companies use to manufacture their blades. If you find a better deal on these, let us know! We never have!



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