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Pricing is for 1 DZ blankets ($15.90 per blanket)

FREE SHIPPING!! (Over 65Lbs total weight)

There are a lot of blankets on the market. These ARE NOT cheap throw away’s. They are Premium Quality stitched & Extra Strong for using multiple times

At 72” x 80” these are best for moving Furniture, Cabinets, and Appliance to protect from scratches, and other damages during moving.


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These extra-thick HEAVY-DUTY MOVING BLANKETS normally sell for $30 each are believe us, they’re worth it! These blankets are just under 6 pounds apiece and measure a full 72″ x 80″. They are made from a heavy-duty spun bound fabric that is made to resist damage caused by scraping and pulling. They are double-sided and double-stitched with a blue & black quilted zig-zag pattern.

A quick look online will give you an idea of what’s out there. It’s very easy to find a cheaper blanket but these are not cheap blankets. There is a huge difference and it’s worth way more than saving a few bucks. These are the most heavy duty ones out there and made to last for years!

These blankets are sold in units of a dozen. Call us for Discount pricing!