These gloves are very durable & flexible while the nitrile palm reduces sweating!

Great for any type of work and at .99 cents a pair you can’t beat it!

Sold in packs of a dozen



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Sizes S-XL (CASE 20 DOZEN)


If you are supplying these gloves for your workers you need to think of value. A lot of companies use disposable gloves when it comes to hand protection. Nitrile gloves are quite popular also as they are a little more abrasion-resistant. Also important is that nitrile material is breathable hence no sweaty hands!

They also conform to the users’ hands very well. Gloves that are too small will cause discomfort and restrict movement. Gloves that are too large or that stretch too much won’t feel right either. That excess space will undoubtedly rub against your skin the wrong way. This will leave you with blisters.

SEAMLESS NYLON SHELL FOR MAXIMUM DURABILITY. These can be worn all day in comfort no matter what kind of work you’re doing. These gloves are very economical but made with the best material to produce a tight grip and a comfortable fit. These gloves feature a synthetic shell, which is stronger than cotton. You can use them twice as long as your regular work gloves.

NITRILE COATING FOR BEST GRIP. BLACK TEK NITRILE PALM GLOVES offer a special nitrile coating for the entire palm and finger. This coating results in a better grip. Nitrile doesn’t bleed thru like polyurethane. No itchy sweaty hands. These gloves are perfect to work in almost any environment. Nitrile coating stands up to solvents, dust, and messy fluids.

HIGHLY ECONOMICAL / WISE CHOICE.  You can treat them as disposable at this price.

These gloves range in size from Small to XL with 90% of our customers using Large.

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We also carry the N-Tech Premium brand

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