These are a fantastic find if you’re tired of shelling out dough every month on wood or fiberglass handle shovels that you know your guys ARE GOING TO BREAK!

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These ALL-STEEL SHOVELS ROUND & SQUARE are guaranteed not to break and will save you a lot of money in the long run but here’s a tip for that: The handle is thick metal but hollow so they’re not too heavy to use. If you want to make them truly unbreakable, stick some PVC tubing or a circular piece of wood down the chute of the handle & you’ve got yourself an UNBREAKABLE easy to wield MONSTER of a shovel!!

These all-steel shovels feature am All Steel Construction and are very Durable! They also feature a Shallow Back design and are Unbreakable under normal usage! The Heavy gauge steel blade is rigidly welded on the long steel D handle making for an all-steel shovel. The entire shovel is enamel powder coated for rust prevention and prolonged life. The Shovelhead is also heat treated and tempered for maximum strength. The Overall length of the shovel is 40″ (29.5” handle and 10.5” blade), for both the square point as well as the round point. They will not break during hours of heavy usage.

They come in both round point and square point and are also available in the and 59” overall length and there is also a 48” all-steel drain spade shovel.

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