• If you’re looking for a sub-zero trouble light, here it is.
  • You won’t find a better one!
  • Works great in freezing cold
  • Laptop lighting
  • Emergency light
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Weather-resistant
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This Frigid Flex Trouble Light is very easy to handle. However, it is a tough cord that stays fully flexible all year round. It is a true All-weather Frigid Flex that stays fully flexible all the way down to -40 degrees and maintains its’ strength up to 221 degrees F. They never lose their shape

All US Wire & Cable trouble lights are UL listed and meet all OSHA specifications. The plugs are molded on for permanent use and they don’t come off. This heavy-duty trouble light has a grounded outlet on the handle and a grounded metal bulb cage and a hook for heavy-duty use. This beast of a cord-light uses low-temperature 16 gauge SJEW wire. They are 13 amps and have a 125 Volt rating. 

There are other trouble lights on the market that you can save a few bucks on but these really are the best value. They will last longer and always perform under any conditions!!



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