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TENRYU PRO SERIES FOR SOLID SURFACE, one of the best blades in the entire world! If you are a serious craftsman looking for the very best, this is it!

Ask anyone who’s ever used a Tenryu blade & they’ll tell you: It’s the Cadillac of Saw Blades & among the best in the world!


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Tenryu Saw Blades

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Premium design and craftsmanship

The Pro Series for Solid Surface (PRS) blade is the professional’s choice when industrial quality is required. TENRYU’S built-in dampening system keeps noise and vibration to a minimum, allowing for super-clean, melt-free performance. Sizes are available for most popular types of saws from 7-1/4″ to 18″ in diameter, including panel saws. triple chip, negative rake design for optimum performance in solid surface* and a variety of other materials.

Sound design is the foundation of TENRYU fs high quality saw blades. To produce blades that give the finest cuts, our designers also consider the material that will be cut, the type of machine that will be used for the cut and the desired outcome. Furthermore, creating a TENRYU saw blade involves at least 40 separate processes that are executed by the most knowledgeable and experienced saw blade makers in world. Finally, while produced in large quantity, these blades are always ready to go, however every blade gets individual attention during production which assures for a superior blade

*Solid surface is produced under trade names such as Corian®, Avonite®, Fountainhead® and others.


  • Laser cut, fully-hardened tool steel plates for industrial use.
  • Individually hand-tensioned plates for true, accurate cuts.
  • Built-in dampening system to minimize vibration and reduce noise.
  • Fine-grain, C-4, premium-grade carbide tips for smoother cuts and longer life.
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7 1/4'' X 40 TEETH, 8'' X 60 TEETH, 220MM X 64 TEETH, 10'' X 60 TEETH, 10'' X 80 TEETH, 300MM X 80 TEETH, 12'' X 80 TEETH, 12'' X 100 TEETH, 14'' X 100 TEETH, 16'' X 120 TEETH, 18'' X 120 TEETH