This is a Supreme grade Masonry blade but it’s also fantastic for super-fast cutting & longevity on ceramic tile, masonry, brick & block! This is a great go-to blade!

10mm Diamond Turbo rim!


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This blade is a beast, to say the least! The SUPREME GRADE TURBO MASONRY DIAMOND BLADE is a thin kerf blade with a unique turbo rim designed for fast and accurate cutting of Concrete, Brick & Block, ceramic tile, stone, and quarry as well as other similarly abrasive materials. This makes it a perfect blade to use for cutting out grout but not damaging the existing tiles. Being that grout is a very sandy and abrasive material it will wear out most blades rather quickly. These vicious little suckers are designed to stand right up to that. These SUPREME GRADE TURBO blades are great for cutting just about anything and won’t wear out near as fast as some of the more expensive name-brand blades

You can use these blades wet or dry but we highly recommend using water! Water significantly cools the blade down, flushing out any debris that would cause friction to the cut. It also reduces dust and will prolong the life of the blade. These blades are to be used for straight cuts; circular cuts are not recommended. These blades can be used safely in an angle grinder. 


We also carry the CHEROKEE Turbo-segmented and CHEROKEE All-CUT larger size blades

If you really want to find the blade most suited for your region and state check out this Aggregate Classification map

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Blade Diameter

x 6'', 10'', 12'', 14'', 4 1/2'', 5'', 6'', 7'', 8'', 4''