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Bigger Better® design specifically for service industry professionals

Prevents tracking mud and wet debris in client’s homes

Stronger than other shoe covers on the market

Fits up to a size 18 

Textured, plastic material

$1.79 each, FREE SHIPPING!


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  • Available in Dark Blue or Grey
  • Boxes of 100 pairs


Like the Armadillos native to the great south, our ShuBee® Armardillo™ Shoe Covers are built to withstand a journey across four lanes of extensive highway traffic. The difference? You won’t see ours on the side of the road.

If you’re in need of a little more protection you’ve got to try these bad boys. The heavy-duty fabric tells liquid messes who’s boss while the light weight feel makes your feet shout HALLELUJAH! These Shoe Covers are like Armor for Your Feet™.

Keep your image professional by using ShuBee® Armardillo™ Shoe Covers. The relentless construction offers an elastic opening sown into the shoe cover extending from heel to toe. Now, slipping them over even the most colossal feet will be a breeze.

If you are seeking the toughest, skid resistant shoe cover on the market, then look no further. We really “brought it” when we created these floor savers. We dominated the competition on boot covers used inside homes or office buildings by providing a superior boot cover when it came to durability, tread, and easy of application. But yet again, our wonderful clients were educating us on extended uses of our product. People needed a boot cover for heavy duty application. They requested booties capable for protecting from cross contamination in outdoor environments. This led us to create a product that could stand up to salts, gravel and sand that normally will shred through even the tougher booties on the market. After a ton of R&D, we found the solution: ShuBee® Armardillo™ Shoe Covers.

In order to match the fight against tears and rips from more aggressive surface elements, ShuBee® made a 2 layered boot cover. In the beginning of production, we began with a cloth-like material. We take the cloth like material and pour a “latex” covering to create a dual layered material that is super tough with a superior grip. Latex tends to work like rubber, grabbing onto smooth surfaces. We achieve the best of the most extreme request for boot covers: the ultimate durability and extreme anti-skid technology.

If there is a chance you could run across surfaces like sand, and concrete but you need a disposable boot cover option Armardillo™ shoe covers are your best bet. We have plenty of clients that love to use this product in light duty application as well because it offers the Tough Tread™ technology. In either case, Armardillo™ shoe covers will exceed your expectations of a disposable bootie. 


  • Each case contains 100 Pairs
  • This product is included in our BeeWear® line

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