Fine cut Oscillating Blades.

These blades are great for finer cuts with a higher number of teeth.


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FINE CUT OSCILLATING BLADES  are Available in 1 3/8” 1 3/4” and 3” rounded edge widths. Please specify the width you prefer

Available in packs of 15, 50 & boxes of 100 (see special)

These FINE CUT OSCILLATING BLADES have a low profile Tooth pattern. This gives the blade a very clean cutting action. These Fine-cut blades with a high number of teeth are usually used for finishing carpentry and softer materials. They are the best for cutting wood, drywall, plastics, plasterboard, fiberglass, acrylics (Plexiglas), laminates, and other non-metallic materials. Another key feature they have is an off-set shaft for flush-cutting. These blades perform just as well if not better than the more expensive top name-brand blades that sell for a lot more! They feature a universal shank that is compatible with all multi-tools corded and cordless except for the new FEIN Starlock or anything with the Starlock shank. Do yourself a favor if you have a regular shank multi-tool and try these blades! You won’t regret it!

However, if you do have the Starlock type and need that Sarlock blade, we carry the entire Imperial line. We are constantly updating our website with new items. If you don’t see the exact Starlock blade you’re looking for on our website, just give us a call or hit the SEND INQUIRY BOX & we’ll get it for you!

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