BRCAF115 Cutler Hammer AFCI Circuit Breaker


Combination type includes all of the protection of the branch feeder, plus it directly detects persistent low current arcing faults down to 5 amps to efficiently protect against fire hazards in the cords connected to outlets

Durable construction for lasting performance

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BRCAF115 Cutler-Hammer AFCI Circuit Breaker


  • Fits type BR load centers
  • Comes with the branch feeder protection
  • FIRE-GUARD model AFCI recognizes the unique current and/or voltage signatures associated with arcing faults and efficiently interrupts the circuit to reduce fire hazards
  • Branch feeder mitigates parallel arcing faults, which produce the most energy of all arcing faults, in the complete circuit including connected cords for enhanced safety
  • For use in type BR load centers
  • Amperage: 15 Amp
  • Mounting: standard pigtail
  • Interrupt rating – 10 kAIC
  • Voltage rating is 120
  • Wire size – #14-4 AWG Cu/Al at 60°C or 75°C
  • 10 / CASE